Syria- my view in short.

For many years wars and fighting have been done in these countries, here in Australia we would’t of had a clue what was happening around the world until we got that word isis. That one word all of a sudden made every ones ears prick up. A word that now puts fears into peoples lives, where did these guys come from? and how the hell did they get all that weaponry?

So my view on this war and many years of watching the rubbish they feed us on circular media is starting to take a toll, I cant beleive we listen to everything we are told, I dont beleive syria would go dropping any chemical bombs on their people but all the rebel forces that surround syria needed to combine and need more weaponry to have a fighting chance, so guess who would off got a chemical bomb in hmmmm. War is cunning and sometimes not admitting to what you have done, now will get you the help you need, so certain leaders of countries get the little rebel groups, combine them, give them the guns they need and let them do the dirty work. These are tactics a 5 year old kid in a play ground has, so it makes me wonder who makes these dumb decisions.

These now not so weak rebel groups once again have there own agendas with all this extra power, so why just stop at Syria, isis was born. Why in the early days would countries leave all there weaponry there inc tanks, jeeps and camp set ups is beyond me.

Many years on and once again this has now happened again another chemical bomb hmmmm. But america send a couple of missiles across and did not even do serious damage and seems to be a little joke as the airport was running next day.

But one thing is for sure someone is trying to blame someone, is this all about wanting to start ww3? Or is it trying to insal extra fear into the people so that extra security measures can be taken around the world and keep people under control. Or is this a bigger plan for the elite, something we have not even thought about yet. No matter what, THIS WILL BE PLAYED OUT.

But the most important thing is Gods plan, we have been warned that end times are very bad, people will be against people, children against their parents, disasters of great magnitudes will be all around us. But one day the return of Christ will happen, are you ready? So the good news is if you have not given your life to Christ yet you still have a’n  opportunity to do so. Just ask Him in and the Holy Spirit will do the rest.

To finish I pray for the innocent lives that are taken by reckless decisions.

No matter the outcome of these wars may we find peace in Christ.

thanks for reading

Growing up. my school days (pt1)

Life is a adventure, we are born, we live, then we pass away. Every one has a story to tell so I like to share how I have reflected back in my life that has brought me to this point.

I am definitely a lucky one, life has been reasonably good to me even though I have had my challenges along the way. Going back to some of my early thoughts getting ready for my 1st day at school my mother actually unleashing me to the world I still was thinking we were going on a day trip to a play group or something, my lunch packed my school bag in hand we walked to kindy, as we got there the teachers were very friendly and all the toys in the room quickly caught my attention, I was off playing in the corner with no real idea how to interact with other kids, the only other persons I played with was with my mum, dad and brother till then. so as my mum was saying good bye to me I did not understand the concept she was not going to stay there, tears quickly followed and I was not going to let her go. This day I know it was probably harder for my mum than it was for me. this kept happening till i was in grade 1. Grade 1 was a new journey i walked to school everyday with my mum i met the class that i was gonna know for the next 7 years.

From learning to count to adding and subtracting and even doing up shoelaces I was now a little man, I would love recess and lunch playing with someone different all the time from your class, I was independent taking on the world and trying to strive through everything even sports days were great. In grade 3 we had our 1st communion and I use to love going to church every sunday and when I was old enough I was an alter boy every sunday. Now I had to venture even further for grade 4 as the schools were in different places so there was a bus service that took you from 1 school to the other this was real independence but because I have now spent nearly 4 yrs with the kids at school I was a lot more comfortable travelling and venturing even further  away from home even though my mum was always there on drop off and pick up.

This was the time my mother chose to join me into scouts (or cubs) and even though I really enjoyed the concept of it being a little Italian boy you always were the last chosen and mostly ignored by the leaders, it took me aprox 5 yrs to work out what racism was but I was in the heart of it and I think after getting all my badges achieving all my achievements , getting lost on camp and no one looking for me and when I returned hrs later they still did not know I was gone, and then a new kid on the block joined and become a sixer in my grouphmmm that was the last straw. my mother sitting on the side confronted the leader and wondered why and her remark made my mum never let me return.. hmmmm.

From there I was still  enjoying school the friendships were strong we knew who we would see everyday now in grade 5 I had to leave for a year as my brother was still at the other school so I went to another school in the next street, this school opened my eyes, it was rough, making friends was tougher so most of the times you just tried to join in a group that was playing something till one day I was sitting on an oval eating lunch and next thing I was being bullied by 3 girls that were trying to get my watch and boy did they try. So the next few weeks I did not leave the class room for lunch and when I did it was always with someone. Thank God that year ended and I was back with my friends at my school for grade 6. Now I was catching public transport at the cost of 20c per trip. yay.

In these couple of years I opened my 1st bank account and got my 1st savings on the way, I still remember the excitment when I would go and deposit $2.oo in my account per week, they even gave me a money box to save spare coins. These years were great I was comfortable I had my friends we mastered yo yos we even tried to master the rubicks cube. I even made a really close friend witch I still have today, this guy I went and saw my 1st movie with, my 1st sleep over we grew up with star wars we even met girls together as we grew older. But all good things come to a end, grade 7 was where we all split up I was the only kid from my school going to my new high school. That was the end of an awesome era saying goodbye was not easy but we all did and we all moved on.. except I did always see Danny so a part of that journey is still with me today and many times we still talk about some of those great things.

High school hmmmm the 1st day all standing there ready to be placed into your class rooms as we are sorted, sitting next to someone I still wasnt aware how to act in this new environment and asking someone to play was a big mistake, now instead of playgrounds and swings we had ovals and people sitting and talking and only ball games like football or cricket were played, how I missed playing chassey. Now, new friends I was making in my glass rooms but, you would  have different kids in different classes joining and you had choices of lessons and also hardness off lessons wow it was interesting years. 1st year I did meet new friends and a few good friends that were there through out my high school days and beyond, by 2nd year I was settled in playing sport with the friends I had. It was funny as I had 2 sets off friends the nerdy kind and the sporty rough necks. In my 3rd year firmly settled in with my friends I was fully into sport including aussie rules footy, cycling and swimming. The mornings waking up to go for a run, wow how times have moved on, 3rd year off high school girls started coming into the equation and boy did that start changing  your ideas off school aaahhhhh. Turning 16 we had the privilege off getting our licence and just think only 5 yrs ago you were still playing on slippery dips. life was sort of good by yr 12 the teachers new who were the success stories and who wern’t, unfortunately I was with my friends missing a lot of school and really not interested in completing high school, with my brother tailing me by 2 yrs was I a good example? probably not….. once again it was time to leave high school a lot of friends went there ways, but I did keep in contact with a few good friends for many yrs after but they dwindled over time also the girlfriend I got at the time was to become my wife later on but their stories for later on.

The most important thing !!

So out of the outline of my growing up life the important things I had were my parents were there through out me growing up I also had great grandparents that I spent a lot of time with.. but what I did not see, was how I was distancing my life from God, Distractions I beleive came along with money, getting ahead as much as possible praying when you needed something and going to church was a xmas thing.  So what was going to come about was going to shake me up, I never saw what was going to come…………

next blog will be part 2 to

Growing up. my adult life (pt2)


Christian Prepper

I like to share about what it means for me to be a prepper. The word prepper is pretty big as there are many different extremes of preperation. Now especially as I am a Christian or a bible based person most people I know question why would  you have to prepare, as doesn’t that go against the bible, and I love that question as most people who ask it don’t even read the bible. There are a few good instances in the bible where God has worked with people like Noah and many of the profits for the preparation of the flood to the wars all the way for preparing for Christ to be born. Even the new testament is full of stories about preparation witch really becomes our life stories of preparing for the last days, everyday we study or read something we do it in preparation for something. So in a a little way I believe nearly everyone is a form of a prepper. The extreme you take it to is your choice.

So we have watched certain shows on tv that have shown extreme preperation techniques and some off them are great, but unfortunately a lot of the shows spent a lot of time on defence and how to harm others, and that probably were the difference lays. Here in Australia we don’t have laws as like around the world with fire arms so you would would hope the few joe dirt bags that do have the illegals would very quickly be over run. Now I’m not against self defence and if you need to protect your family it would be a natural instinct.

so at this point I need to say that most disasters just wont  mean the law would just disappear, even in a apolictic scenario guns may not be on top of your list but I bet fear will be. So prepping for these kind of scenarios you may be waiting for a very long time.

So depending where you live in the world will depend on your preparing technique. I live in Australia so my preperation is have enough food for at least 1 year and indefinite supply of water weather living near a river or a couple of decent water tanks eg I have 30,000 litres stored. I now have moved to a country town were there is plentiful trees of fruit surrounding everywhere, enough gas to last 1 year solar panels with a good bank of batteries, I also have a small generator to run my fridge tv and essentials for for 5 to 6 months. In my opinion after 1 yr and poop has really hit the fan you have had time without struggling to get more resources and learn new ways of survival as life by now would be very different.

But knowing us here in Australia we may get a very small earthquake or occasional high winds with some flooding , but knowing my scripture I also know worse times are coming. So that’s why my preps are taken seriously and some of my time, monthly I run through everything to rotate and check everything works as this is super important for me. Another very important part is to ensure family members especially my kids are well versed in how everything works, how to also check things and keep everything fresh they also have there very own BOBS (72hr backpacks) so in any situation they can get back safe as possible.

so as a Christian is it wise to prep? YES . The extent you prep is up to you, as you know prepping takes a lot of time and effort, I’m just lucky I enjoy it so for me and the kids it’s fun. But still to this day when I’m talking prepps I still get those funny looks, but I know if anything happens they will be the first people at your door and some how they wont be there as friends.(But that’s another story for another day)

There are many instances also in our lives that God uses us to prepare for many situation that will arise, some will be good but some will be bad, I try to pick up the bible as many times possible in these situation as a prepared heart is a great heart to tackle any situation that comes your way.

So on that note thanks for reading God Bless.

There is always a begining.

where to begin?

After a lot of thinking and many years of watching, reading looking around and experiencing life in general I have decided to start my own blog.. YAY.


I beleive we live in perilous times, people loosing jobs everywhere, companies and busineses closing down shop, wars are looming around us and everyday the chances are becoming greater. we have lost all respect for our leaders, the biggest food chains lie to us and poison us with the rubbish they put in there foods in actual fact I beleive we are being poisoned by most food manufactures as there greed is now becoming greater. We all live in our technology, as I heard today someone saying there phone is there best friend. hmmmmm. Prices of everyday living have gone through the roof but pay rises stopped many yrs ago. Morgages are out of control, peoples credit cards are out of control and there looks like there is no slowing down. Once again i beleive we are living in times off hardships, family breakdowns are at an all time high, suicides are not slowing down, but people still get up in the morning get ready and go to work.

But what has this got to do with every day prepping..

well to answer that I hope we can journey together answering questions giving everyday advise on how to get through disasters. opening up our eyes so we can see clearly ahead of us, to be aware of when companies, politicians and media lie to us. keeping vigilant in our world of today.

so who am I ?

I am Vic, I am also a Christian I am also a prepper so when we do talk doom and gloom just remember there is alway some good news and that was Christ. We will talk more about that as time goes by. As this blog grows there will be more options for u to read on, and also to get to know me better.

I also have a great group of friends that will be coming in to blog every now and then to get some fresh and great views on those conspiracies,the elite, biblical points and just everyday advise.

As I say I should of never taken the red pill because sometimes going through life blinded is so much easier. But I beleive the truth is not for everyone there has always been the people around my circles that rather not know and in a little way I don’t blame them, but with knowledge comes great power, as one day if poop does hit the fan I just wonder if the goverments will be there to help hmmmm.

and one last thing your Health is one of those topics we will hit hard as I beleive keeping fit and eating the right foods is the key not only will you feel better but as I say the right foods are like medice and will keep you fighting fit for when the time comes. so yes I beleive in alternative medicines and yes I beleive you have the cure to most diseases by maintaining a healthy lifestyle..

till my next post…..