A christian view.

As a christian prepper many people ask me about my faith and how it all works in the bigger picture and what makes my faith any different to any ones elses.

A simple question hmmmmmmm. But normally they always top it off with, were is your God in all this, while all this is happening in the world and why would you prep if you trusted fully in your God? hmmmmmmmmm.

So I will answer this in my blogg…

As we know there are many belief systems in this world, and there are extremes of every belief in this world and I mean extremes, and even in my belief as a christian there are many variants of Christianity. But the biggest difference about a bible believing christian is Jesus Christ, and even with most christian beliefes that believe in Jesus, there are many variants on all the ways people believe they need to worship or do all these traditional ceremonies to win them selves some sort of extra privileges in heaven. A large part of my belief is that in my heart that the Holy Spirit has installed in me is the verse in the bible of John 3:16 For God so loved the world He gave His only Son to die for our sins and the only way to heaven is through Him.

So simple isn’t it….. So just in believing in Jesus is your free ticket to heaven, there are no tricks, you don’t even have to jump through any hoops its all written in one little verse in the bible. So what is all the rest of the bible about then if we can get to heaven through one verse? well then we need to practice what we preach and the rest off the bible teaches us how to live, from the ten commandments right up to what to expect in the last days, it covers the beginning of creation, to great floods, to great big battles, it’s put some of the greatest figures to some of the greatest tests, but all these stories are most of the time meaningless unless you have invited Jesus into your heart. This then opens the bible from a novel to true life.

So the the question I always throw back is unless you try reading the bible and try to invite Jesus into your heart, how can you tell me that it’s not true. So wanting to believe needs to be your choice as a true Christian I will never force you to want to believe as it needs to be your own free will, but as I would like to see people saved and in heaven one day as eternity is very long, and once you do choose to become a bible believing Christian then Jesus will help you and change so the rest of the bible you can live by, but the best thing is spending eternity in the great presence of our creater.

So this brings up the other question of why so much evil in the world? So with all this we need to go back to the time of Adam and Eve for when they went against God and chose to listen to the devil and eat of the apple then they allowed sin to enter, that was the time that God pulled away and allowed satan to have certain reign on this earth and God being Sovereign and true to His word has let us have free will, and so entered sin. With sin came diseases, war, painful deaths, jealousy and the list goes on, and so you can just look at today from the beginning, God has allowed us to go and have certain free wills and as we can all see even though all these different religious beliefes were born so were all the nut cases of history.

Right up to now we can see the repercussions of sin, but all this once again came back to God who sent His only Son to die , so that we may have eternal life. So see it is a choice, and if you choose to read the bible you will also know that God has put a time limit for man to turn from there worldly desires to following Christ and focusing on eternity, as every thing on this earth eventually turns to dust and that includes me and you, as there is no way to escape death, but its what we do here and weather we choose to believe is the real answer.

See I told you it’s that simple.

So why be a Christian prepper? As I like to say we may see some perilous times ahead as no one knows the day or the hour of the return of Christ, so yes all those people out there that say they know and have worked it out, are all lying, just so they can get a little attention or just a few more hits on u tube, so we may still see wars or we may see economic collapses and we may see some very devastating earth quakes before Christ returns so just like Noah before the floods no one was prepared and just laughed at him till it started raining.

So there you have it, hopefully a very simple way off looking at the way I see a true bible believing Christian. Yes there are many other people out there that have got some fancy way to con you into there beliefes. But as I heard today unless you taste the chocolate you will never know what it tastes like, so unless you give Jesus a chance,you will never know what it feels like..

So God bless, have a great day or night no matter where you are……..


Busy life. So keep it short

Sometimes in life, no matter how preppared or organised we are, busyness sometimes just caches up with you and before you know it time starts to become against you.

I enjoy my work, it is a 8 hr day followed by a drive home, so then I tend to play with the kids and before you know it again time has gone. Ok so I will do the jobs I was suppose to do tonight on to tomorrows list of things to do, just to realise the next day I get home and before I realise it, those jobs and the next jobs have gone onto the next day’s agenda with a couple of things going onto my weekend list aaahhhhhhhhh.

So now that here in aussie land we are diving into winter and getting shorter days, and dark by around 5.30, yep that’s 5.30, I tend to let things slip a little more every day. So now I am starting to prioritise my time on things that I enjoy doing indoors and infront of a nice heater….. aaaahhhh winter time to read, a time to watch more alternative news, more time to enjoy a good movie and maybe get a bit of extra gaming in, and off course try and write something on my blogg.

So a couple off things I ensure i try to not let go during the winter months, and that is all my deep cycle batteries as over winter there is not as much sun so now they all go on small trickle solar charges that keeps them full at all times, In winter months I also try to ensure all food is rotated and I ensure all my bug out equipment is aerated and clean.

So for a everyday prepper I try to make winter months count just as much as my summer months as I know I tend to get a little lazier during winter. Also winter I find is a great time to buy any extra camping gear as most of the time this is when they clear it out, so everything from fishing rods to tents I find this, is the time to buy.

Another thing I tend to keep in mind is that my BOB (bug out bag) slightly changes for winter to include warmer clothes and even a small butane stove, just in case all the wood is wet, coffee and powder milk with a extra chocolate  bar or two extra. hmmmmmm

So there you have it a short read, as even tonight squeezing it in between kid’s and even clearing out the gutters ready for some heavy rain and getting ready for another big day at work…20170326_192101

So have a great day or night where ever you are on this awesome planet.




lighting up quality.

images (12)images (11)

In today’s day and age we can buy anything from around the world, weather you are buying a torch or a lantern to a solar panel there is something for everyone.

So when it comes to prepping buying the right products at the right price and most importantly the right quality, is pretty important. So I like to bring up a couple of things for me that I like to know is gonna do the job when I expect it to do the job.

The first thing I like to ensure, and is right up there with the best, are my torches, and equally important are the rechargable batteries that go in them, I can tell you now not all torches are the same and most of the time if you are not buying a quality torch, especially in the led range that could spell disaster when you turn it on and its just a dull luminated, well put it this way a match can sometimes give you extra light. Also with torches all led’s are different and when you start to research the different types then you will realise torches arnt as simple as they use to be. I prefer a couple of different torches my self, and I prefer torches that are very bright and have very good throw eg as you point you torch it needs to look like daylight but also very sharp. Also I like solar torches, not as powerful but they are always ready to go if left in sun light and good for close range work and next day you can recharge it, and it’s good to go again. I also ensure all my batteries are of good quality and definitely reading a couple of reviews you will differentiate the poop with the good, also to accommodate all this I need to be able to charge off grid so a couple of solar battery charges never go astray.

images (14)images (13)This also goes with my lanterns, I prefer lanterns that have solar and whined up tops to charge if no sun and also be able to charge from a 12v source that way you have light all night long if desired. Once again having a few different types of both torches and lanterns you should never be left in the dark.

So now you have the basics then come the led lighting if the grid goes down for a while, so then you may need to use larger solar panel attached to lets say around the 100 amp hr battery to light up larger areas with 12v lights, with this I found your string led lights work well and you can by as many meter as needed. Also once again quality needs to be met and with led lights you get what you pay for. As I have been stung many times with inferior cheap products because they look good in pictures and or whatever but once the drivers fail in the led’s , there is no resuscitating them.

So for me all aspects of prepping for emergencies are important, taking short cuts most off the times will lead to failure, and if you are in a emergency situation I like to know I have more light than not enough, but with lights and batteries all need to be checked every 60 to 90 days to ensure it’s all working and fully charged when it is needed, once again I have been burnt with not having things checked and charged regularly.

So I hope what i’m telling you is just some very basic ways to look at ensuring you read a lot of reviews on products before purchasing and just knowing that when the time comes you wont have to stress but know you are WELL prepared, and I believe I have heard this a few times  “but the difference to someone who is well prepared and someone who is not could be death”

So that’s my take , hope you enjoyed .

have a great day…….

Lessons learnt


Sometimes I just watch my children as they sit there and ponder life themselves. Life as a child is very different to a adult and in some point in there lives, there is a transition. As a child the challenges you face are very different, but just as important as a’n adult. The friendships you make as a child are awesome and also work as the same principle as a adult, as a friend normally has the same interest’s as you and there fore enjoy hanging together, there is normally nothing better until you have a argument only to realise as a child you have forgotten about it by the end of a day and will be back playing together the next day. As adults we tend to over complicate argument’s and normally loose friends much faster. I know as time went on I learnt about keeping friends were a lot of the things I did as a child.

Normally if we look back there can be many things we can learn from our child hoods. The stress levels of most children are non existent, why would they have to worry about paying bills, or the next house payment, and normally there is always some form of breakfast, lunch and dinner waiting for them even though they are never hungry till they ask for the chocolate biscuits 5 minutes after dinner.

But here I am all grown up, making crucial choices all the time, weather being financial or where to live, where to work, trying to make ends meet, or just planning a vacation.

So sometimes we are all to grown up and sometimes we forget to look at things as a child, and sometimes I over complicate things for no apparent reason, a choice my son at 8 would of made in 5 seconds, I could take a week. So this brings me to my point for today.

Is my lesson learnt ?

After looking at a decision my 8 yr old made on something that was so simple and He told me the answer straight away, as I went off to ponder on it, to only come back a few days later with the same answer, made me really think.. hmmmmmmm

So yes my lesson was learnt that sometimes I need to look at situations as a child and that will more than likely make my decision making so much easier.

So my advice is to sometimes listen to the young 8 yr olds as sometimes they do know better.

Have a great and blessed day……



Why I love to prep, 100 words.


One of the greatest things in my life are the great blessing of my children. Watching them fall asleep at night as they feel safe and comfortable only to wake in the morning and know you are the first thing they look for. The great joy that everything I do will eventually go to them, my love, my knowledge even my assets. This is one of the biggest things in my life to why I prepare knowing as they grow I will always be there to watch and protect them and for them to know I am there always watching.

Time to prep.

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No matter where you look on the internet or whatever news you read, pictures of doom and gloom are starting to appear everywhere. The preppers blogs are filling up quickly now with it’s now or never, the main stream media are showing us the news off political powers battling it out for peace and resolve. So as I stand to believe as what I have been watching on Australian news is that north Korea are in a position that they are not going to stop testing their nuclear bombs, china are saying they don’t support it but america are saying for now they will not take any military action and the Russians, well i’m pretty confused where they stand.

So there you have it we are 1 missile away from a big problem and if it was not for the failing attempt of one of the koreans nukes the other day we might of seen ourselves in war right now.

So where to from here? There is a very good chance that north Korea is not going to stop testing nukes, as I said we are one nuke test from big problems, and I believe most of the military from all teams believe there is a big chance of war so that is why we are seeing the positioning off all the battle ships in strategic positions, and that’s what we see as there will be many more ships under the sea awaiting there orders also.

Here in Australia we have a  US base and it’s a big one and it’s the north west cape and is only 6kms north of a WA township of Exmouth.


So is having a military base a good idea as will it be a target, dropping 1 nuke there will definitely have a very bad impact for Australia. So even though most Australians don’t even have a clue really whats happening we need to be also preparing for the worst.

The big problems that lays ahead in a war scenario and what turns it into a world war is that all the smaller countries and lot less military might countries will get involved. North Korea as you can see all live and nearly revolve their whole life’s around war not only that but the last couple off leaders are not perceived as leader but more like a God so I believe if any thing happened to their so called god they will only have revenge in their minds. Now the military might of Russia is nothing short of impressive and most of their might is hidden, not only that but the people in Russia are well rehearsed and well equipped for war as from very young the children are taught a very different regime to Australian children. So in countries like china, and Russia and north Korea they have a very disciplined army that only have 1 thing in their head when war breaks out, and these are 3 countries that may be allies in a all out war. Now we are not including most of Europe in this and not even England or Australia as I don’t see these countries carrying nukes. But now if you add in middle east Irac, Iran, Syria and this will definetly all be a few maybe nuclear missiles being dropped around there. hmmmmmm

The problem with the word “nuclear missiles” is that it is these words that are meant to install fear upon the enemy and by the looks no one is really backing down. No matter weather 1 missile is fired or 10 missiles are fired the out come will not be good.

So here we are, what can we do? first is pray that no ones pride gets into the way and peace talks are the solution, this would be the outcome we need, as we know if peace talks fail then we may see some very unstable time’s for a while as we might not see war for a while, but one things for sure it  makes me sick just to think we have a country that is willing to use nuclear missiles.

But as i’m writing this I just heard on the news China is sticking with America to stop the nuclear threat. That is a little bit of good news.

But we are still living in very bad times, preparation should be high up on your list even if it’s having enough water and food for 3 to 6 months you are already way ahead than most people so keeping vigilant and don’t leave things for the last minute as if poop does hit the fan it wont take long for the shops to be out of supplies and I bet there wont be many truck on the road replenishing as most people will be home protecting their own.

Just remember well prepared preppers have spent years in prepparing for most scenarios and more than likely these are not the people you will see in the streets when things turn bad, it will most likely be the unprepared that will be running around trying to find that last bottle of water or bag of rice.

So who do you want to be when things turn bad? I know where I stand and I know many other Aussies that stand with me, but I also know there is still many that need to get their heads out of the dirt and start paying attention, and now is that time…..

Thanks for reading.

and God bless…..



Tzatziki dip. My journey

Well being Easter and all, and apart from all the chocolate eggs, normally all the great food follows. This brings me back, way back when I use to go to some really nice greek take outs and their tzatziki, wow became one of my favourite dips off all time including egg plant dip.

So I started a journey that took me around a year to accomplish, and that was how to make the perfect tzatziki dip. It all started with asking a few people from the greek community about how they go about it, but all the receipies had slight differences and wern’t like the dip I was eating at my favourite take out.. so after a couple of months I thought I would return to the take out and just ask them. As i aproached the shop I realised now it was a chinese take away aaaaaahhhhh the secret receipie was gone for ever. So it was back to more experimenting and finally many easters ago I mastered the taste, the simlicity of it was brilliant, the consistency, perfect. But to accommodate this perfect dip was the dipping pita bread… so now I will share with you 1 year off research in just a five minute read.

Ingredients ; 500mls European yoghurt, 1 large continental cucumber, 4 cloves of garlic, 3 tablespoons of olive oil, 1 teaspoon of salt, 2 tablespoons of white vinegar.

Now the parts that are important are you need to get the yogurt into a tea towel and put it in a siff and over a bowl over night as this will drain all the juice.(there is no short cut here). Also you need to grate the cucumber finely with the skin on and also grate the garlic place these together and let the cucumber drain for an hour or so, once all is drained combine all the ingrediance together, once again mix well and put back into the fridge till next day, this will let the flavour of the garlic to infuse into the yogurt etc.

Before serving grab some parsley paste, oregano paste, a pinch of pepper and a pinch of salt, 3 gloves garlic,crushed, a good splash of olive oil, mix then spread over your pita bread then layer it all up and place in a high oven for 10 – 15  minutes depending how crunchy you like it, take it out cut it up and serve.

Now let your guests tell you the results.

Hope you enjoy what took me a very long time to get right, but has also given me great pleasure to prepare for family and friends.

thanks for reading

God Bless.