GODS love

GOD loves us.

As Christians we know this in our minds, but most of the time we don’t live that way.

But if we look around us the reality of GODS love surrounds us all day everyday, because GOD’s love compels us to love one another, GODS love is poured into us through the HOLY SPIRIT, GODS love is revealed  to us through JESUS CHRIST, GOD’s love comforts us through all times good and bad, GOD’s love  is steadfast and unchanging throughout time.

So there is no doubt in my mind that God’s love is unique to every single christian and that love will show through our actions in our lives, as we show God’s love through our actions we also grow in true comfort knowing that as we mature in our walk and as we get closer to the end of our short journey on this earth that one day our knees will bow before our gracious loving GOD, and at that moment He takes your hand and looks into your eyes, and you can proudly say, “Father i did my best to carry your name with honour and pride as i walked through lives trial and tribulations, with prayer and your word that I held close to my heart.”

So never fear what this world can throw at you as there is nothing that you can not face with prayer and the word of our LORD. At the end of every challenge or every situation that is good or bad I always refer back to these 2 scripture to remind me

ROMANS 5:2-5

Through HIM we have also obtained access by faith into this gracein which we stand, and we rejoice in hope of the glory of GOD. More than that, we rejoice in our sufferings, knowing that suffering produces endurance, and endurance produces character produces hope, and hope does not put us to shame, because GODS love has been poured into our hearts through the HOLY SPIRIT who has been given to us.



I have been crucified with CHRIST, It is no longer I who live, but CHRIST who lives in me. And the life I now live in the flesh I live by faith in the SON of GOD who loved me and gave HIMSELF for me.





In life, we are challenged with just about everything, but when I read my bible it always reminds me to be anxious for nothing, but put everything in prayer,  with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to GOD and the peace of GOD that surpasses all comprehension shall guide your heart and your mind in CHRIST JESUS.

So this just brings me to the powerful name of JESUS

So lets begin

When I am lost I am found, so through the darkness I reach out for JESUS CHRIST. HE who lights up my heart and shows me the way. I am set free and my love for JESUS CHRIST. I am liberated by JESUS CHRIST and walk the path of righteousness to stay close to HIM. JESUS CHRIST is my protector, I have no fear in HIM, JESUS will never abandon me, and I will never loose HIS love when all else is lost. I can rely on the love of JESUS. When I am lost, CHRIST is there, when I am found CHRIST is there. I am a child of GOD through CHRIST. The love of JESUS CHRIST is powerful enough to reach all places and all hearts. I have-the peace of GOD that passes all understanding. JESUS continues to sacrifice HIMSELF as HE has always done, and my gratitude for JESUS expresses itself as my open heart, I simply love JESUS. I am humbled and grateful as He sacrificed HIS life so we may be saved…..




Salvation is the greatest gift ever.

Scriptures like these are always awesome to reflect upon

JOHN 5:24

Truly, truly, I say to you, whoever hears my word and beleives HIM who sent me (JESUS) has eternal life. He  does not  come to judgement, but has passed from death to life.

ACTS 4:12

Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is no other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.

how awesome is that





In our everyday lives we listen to many hours of radio, or maybe watch many hours of news, we may even read the local paper a few magazines, or flick through a few pages of reading on out mobile devices. I my self am one of those people, but every time I seem to read a article or a piece of news there is always another version of the same story.

So now days it seems to me that it takes alot of research and so much more reading of anty topic, and nearly by the end of it i have done a full study on the topic..

Gone are the days when 1 plus 1 = 2, now there is a spin on everything. We need to keep vigilant on all things, weather it’s a goverment conspiracy or just a medical botch up right up to just the right way to change a babies nappie…..

But the tuth is always out there sometimes you just need to look in the right places for it…


Praying should be one of our biggest tasks on this planet, it should be part of every decision we make, so how should we pray? where should we pray? and what can we pray for?

First we can pray any where we want, I also believe prayer can be part of our everyday conversations with GOD, as HE enjoys listening to us and knowing we incorporate all our lives with HIM.

So when we pray I believe we need to come to GOD with a humble heart, as GOD knows our deepest thoughts, we need to express that to HIM so that it keeps us humble.

But what we pray for is sometimes interesting. GOD WILL NOT ANSWER ALL PRAYERS.

This one I believe gets the most wrong attention. Over time we realise what we pray for today could turn into something very bad for us down the track, so GOD will not answer prayers that will take us away from our Faith, or anything that will take any one else from Faith or cause us to sin, GOD will definitely not answer or be part of any prayer that goes against HIS WORD, HIS word stands and I have seen it first hand that people will twist prayer to make it seem GOD is in control through prayer, BUT IF IT IS NOT IN THE BIBLE IT SHOULD NOT BE IN PRAYER.

GOD will not strike someone down for you, or make you win the lottery, or help in revenge plans, But prayer needs to be a time of humbleness, and bring up your needs before your FATHER that will listen, ultimately HE will make the decision, even as I write I pray that these words are guided through the HOLY SPIRIT so that if you read this it does not come from my earthly instincts.

So once again I just pray, that we all keep a humble heart with our HEAVENLY FATHER, as HE loves us all very much, He will keep us guided, and through the words of JESUS CHRIST keep us protected from the evil one.

Have a great and BLESSED day.


Don’t be fooled.JESUS IS THE WAY.

Today I just pray I stay on track as this topic is so hard to speak about, but works on total faith in scriptures and relying on the HOLY SPIRIT to guide the right words through JESUS CHRIST our LORD and SAVIOUR.

As we approach end times I believe more and more Christians around the world are being woken up by the HOLY SPIRIT and there eyes are opened up in a different light as they start to see a urgency, as the scriptures are starting to line up and what has been spoken in the book of revelation is coming to pass.

Many Christians still choose to live a life with a 20 minute teaching from there preacher every week and most time’s they will give you a feel good story among some scriptures that they pull out of the bible weekly, and the only thought in your mind is the coffee and chat at the end of the service.

But the great thing about GOD is that HE wont let all stay asleep and there is a lot of Christians out there that need to be fed more, so they go home and fill there week with knowledge, scriptures and stay in constant prayer and preparedness to go home.

There will come a time, that at a twinkling of a eye that Christians will be called home, the Lord called these people the ones that stayed awake and are ready to go home. Who are these people and why does Jesus say so many people wont be ready eg the sriptures about the 10 virgins is a good one to read MATTHEW 25.

Well in these days there is so much happening to the point that there is no human way possible to keep up with it. satan knows as the time is near he will prey over the weak, and use all his trickery to fool you into believing that life is short so enjoy it the best way you can, sport, sex, drinking, computer games, music, facebook, dating sites, drugs, and everything else he can think off that will take your eyes off JESUS CHRIST, and that is why some Christians are waking up and some are not, the ones that continue to read the word and put it into practice, have a special gift that is called the HOLY SPIRIT to help and guide them, especially helping and preparing them for their journey home.

So are you ready to go home?

Now days there are so many you tube sites and good commentaries all over the internet to help you get started, over time you will become familiar with scriptures and once you accept JESUS CHRIST into your life, you will then receive a free gift of the HOLY SPIRIT that will help you turn from sin and help guide you in life, and that will be the most important decision YOU will ever make.

Just remember once you accept JESUS into your life, it does not stop there, sin then needs to take a back step in your life, GOD does not allow sin into heaven, your body is a temple where the HOLY SPIRIT resides, so I believe if you are using your body for offensive sin eg sleeping around, drugs, alcohol, murder you are facing serious problems in your salvation, remember that’s why you get the HOLY SPIRIT, so you can listen, not turning from sin means you may not have been serious in accepting JESUS CHRIST into your life and that GOD does not take that lightly.






I love praying to GOD and opening my heart to HIM, as I pray I ask for the HOLY SPIRIT to guide me in every step I take. Many miracles happen because of prayer and so I always go to GOD first to find the answers to my questions, GOD freely and naturally for all my needs listens, as I let go of fear and let go of pain I live and love by praying constantly to GOD knowing HE is always loving me back. The peace of GOD that passes all comprehension shall guard my mind and heart in the name of JESUS CHRIST. The love of GOD flows through me as I pray directly to GODS love. HIS patience and tolerance are what I need,  I don’t always get what I want but I know GOD is listening. HIS wisdom is infinite and is always listening, He is my refuge, my peace and my thoughts are on HIM. GOD does the most for me , that’s why I seek all from GOD, my life bears the fruit as I meditate on HIS love. MY strength, my confidence, strong and courage’s as the LORD will be with me where ever I go, GOD is the first one I talk to as GOD will be there to the end. SO GOD IS THE ONE I WILL ALWAYS TURN TO, AS NOTHING CAN SEPARATE ME FROM THE LOVE OF GOD………..

GOD BLESS>>>>>>>>>>>>