How do we know that JESUS loves us? well, thanks for asking….

Our HEAVENLY FATHER knew from the time man was deceived that a plan was all ready in place to over come the evil one. We as the human race by no means can get to heaven and defeat sin by our works, works will be judged to non beleivers that chose not to follow the teachings of JESUS CHRIST, witch only leads to hell.

The brother and sisters that live, and during there lives choose the blood of CHRIST and turn from there sins, ask for daily forgiveness, will not be judged on there works. but by our faith in CHRIST witch leads to heaven.

My whole life, I have had to deal with sin and I will have to deal with it for the rest of my life, but the difference today to yesterday is that I am 1 day closer to meeting JESUS, and that also means I must also work on becoming more CHRIST like as I walk my walk.

There is no more importance to this as there is any thing in life, Eternity is a long time, and there is a lot to look forward to. Here and now we try and build riches and sometimes just try and get ahead and before you know it your 70 and still trying to get ahead, and that to me would be a waste. But also we must consider in life we all get dealt different cards and so sometimes we have no choice but to work on a daily basis just to get food on the table for our families, and GOD sees this also and thats why SALVATION is a free gift to anyone weather rich or poor can have.


JESUS came HE died and accomplished what no other could.

JESUS came and taught us in HIS body and showed miracles and explained all that needed to be explained so that we could learn from HIS ways and see the purity that JESUS had when HE walked among us.

Many people have tried to de face the name of JESUS and just turn HIM into a prophet or just another person that lived or that never existed, but one day EVERY KNEE WILL BOW.

So when you stand before GOD and JESUS one day as will I, will you stand with your head high, and say I tried my best or will you stand with your head down and find every excuse under GOD that you could find, that you were to busy or you were about to….

ANYWAY that was my fought of the day

Live as if it was your last day, enjoy a sun rise where ever you are, give thanks and praise to GOD and have a great day.




Author: freeformfezz

I'm Vic and i'm from australia, I never enjoyed writing but I have worked out that I have a lot to say. I hope my topics that I blog, you will enjoy and I hope they open your imagination and take you on a interesting journey.

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