12volt living

In any situation when we are with out power for extended times, we may start to struggle with certain things. Today most things are powered by electricity. But certain items are a little more power hungry, so what should we have in our reserves.

It’s Quite simple to keep your mobile phones or tablets charged, actually any small electrical device is quite simple as all you need is a small solar panel and a battery that connects to it and these are available at most good hard wares or just about any where on line and they are not very expensive and will see you through as many days needed. The same goes for your torches, if they mostly run aa batteries there are numerous solar charges out there that will charge your batteries during the day, so the more batteries you have the more solar charges you need, and once again these are not very expensive and are available any where on line.

The same goes for your lanterns as these come in wined up or solar and are great for lighting your house for very long periods. So therefore keeping the basics is very simple but we can also take it to the next level. Your tv that you buy can be a 12 volts so it will run on a 12 volt battery, even fridges are 12 volts, even washing machines are 12volts, this sort of covers most things you run in your house without having to use any inverters as once you start to do that your battery bank needs to grow significantly.

So to run a good small fridge and a tv and lets say some led lighting you will need aprox 3 x 100 amp hr batteries and around 150 to 250 watt solar panel or panels. Now days you can buy many styles of covers that have multitude style of connectors so you really don’t need to be a rocket scientist to work it out,  and as this is a simple blogg there are many tutorials on the net.

So here in Australia we normally get a good amount of sunshine no matter where we are so charging all your batteries should never be a major concern. So as you build your systems you can keep slowly adding batteries and solar panels so you may really be able to run a whole house hold with your own solar built system, even to the point where you can run a small inverter if you choose to have a microwave…

So I just look at my shack or house or whatever as a large caravan. So next time there is a long enduring black out don’t tell your mates or they all might be over for a cold one, which may not be a bad thing after all…

To finish I still recommend all your cooking and heating to heating water to be gas and once again there are many styles of these from very cheap to very expensive, but just keeping a couple of gas bottles for each appliance is wise as gas may not be accessible very easy during blackouts or disasters, but always keeping a few butane cylinders spare wont hurt either as there are many styles of cookers and heaters in the butane family and they are much more portable if need be.

I love knowing that having a few back up ideas always keeps you ahead of most when people wont be able to eat as most things at home need to be cooked ….

So there is my very simple take on solar prepping your whole house.

So if you want to know more leave a comment… just remember proper preparation prevent poor performance.

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Have a great day or night

God bless

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Author: freeformfezz

I'm Vic and i'm from australia, I never enjoyed writing but I have worked out that I have a lot to say. I hope my topics that I blog, you will enjoy and I hope they open your imagination and take you on a interesting journey.

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