Sometimes Christians ?

I like to think I am a bible believing person that lives mostly with the authority of Jesus Christ in my life, occasionally stumbling and sometimes challenged and sometimes making mistakes along my life journey. But even now days just like in past generations I also believe as Christians we are challenged more by our own kind rather than the world. So yes if you are a christian you believe in Jesus Christ as our saviour, you believe He is the only way to the Father and you believe in His teaching along the way.

But why do I feel a little Uncomfortable with so many saying they are Christians when all I see is jealousy, I see people judging, gossiping which is an all time favourite I think with most Christians, Divorce is still right up there with Christians and in general they still have their little groups that they stick with and I think the list can still go on. But in general why is this a problem in the Christian community when the bible is so clear about the 10 commandments, that cover most of these areas. Also don’t get me wrong there are still many people in churches that truly give their hearts to Christ and that is the key issue, GIVING YOUR HEART TO CHRIST. Just going to church on a sunday worshipping and then going home and no one would have a clue that you are a Christian is when people should take a good hard look at themselves before they start to look at others. So why are we like this?

Well I know satan still tries to deceive most and in the western world we have not really been challenged in Christianity like most of the world. We really haven’t had to go through really tough times on a whole, once again there are many Christian families battling out there from finances to sicknesses etc, but here in Australia in particular I believe the word is watered down so much that people do not fear God any longer. If we all feared Gods word churches would be very different places not just places for some to catch up with all the latest gossip, or use leaders over little trivial things that most off the time can be resolved between fellow Christians having good communication.

So lets get back to the heart thing, I don’t know but when you normally are a practising Christian and as you walk trying to follow Christ’s example, I know if I start to sway or start breaking the commandments the Holy Spirit start’s to give me the guilt and starts to soften me to the point where I don’t want to do it any more, once again we are all sinners and are not perfect, so asking for forgiveness and trying to set it right is a normal path to take, but what really starts to irritate me is some Christians cant wait to pull you up and let you know what you are doing wrong because someone gossiped about it, and what I love even more is that Christians wont listen to both sides of stories before THEY have judged. The thing is we all come under the authority of God, there is only 1 true God in the Christian beleife, and as Christians know the bible has certain ways to do things so that it helps the person that is starting to sway or what ever.

I love church, and what makes church are the people that attend that church, I have been a Christian now for around 14 yrs and I am still learning every day. But one of the things that I have learnt is, be slow to judge and rather than take the person down, help and guide them to a better place, and this I still am learning to do, so with better grace and with the love of Christ I my self try to do this . Now when I go to church I know there will always be different people at different stages of their walk, but I also know if you are hungry for Christ then treating others the way you want to be treated should be up there with what you practice.

I write this blogg in love for other Christians so that we under stand Gods grace better and why He gave His only one son to come down and die for our sins. I dont want Christians to live in fear, or to live in shame of knowing Christ, because now days it is so much easier to get knocked down by others that it stumbles our walk and makes us more like the worldly people.

What did I learn at church today upset me because as Christians we are a 61% majority but we get shot down by the 2% minority. 2 examples are there is a christian school that would say the Lords prayer once a week before assembly but because 2 families complained that not every one has the same beliefe’s, that now the school responded saying they will only do the lords pray at significant times like Easter and at Christmas. The other is how many Christians voted against gay marriage but the 2% for, won the vote hmmmmm, so no one can tell me whats wrong with this picture.. But I will…… firstly every one wants free speech but as soon as a Christian speaks they all say we hate speech, and we discriminate against everything that is wrong, but I don’t believe Christians stop anyone from doing what they want, but are happy to to talk about it or even debate about it.

So really Christians are not perfect, and as Christian I believe most of us need to be more fearful of God and not water down the bible because some people fear it, and we should show a lot more Christ like love to each other and the world.But also we need to stand strong in what we believe and only because we get shot down by most others, we should not let that spreading the word of Jesus Christ.

I love the story where Jesus is in front of the crowd getting persecuted and as Peter, 1 of His disciples was in the crowd denied Jesus 3 times before He fled in fear, but after the resurrection and Jesus returned telling Peter He will be the rock the church will be built on, and after the disciples got the Holy spirit there was no stopping them..

So what has this got to do with every day prepping? well for starters as Christians I believe most of us think we are in end times so now is the time to stick together, we need to be more prayerful, and not against each other but united under Jesus Christ our saviour, because no one knows the hour of the return of Jesus, SO ARE YOU READY?

Thanks for reading

Have a great day or night no matter where you are in this awesome world.


Author: freeformfezz

I'm Vic and i'm from australia, I never enjoyed writing but I have worked out that I have a lot to say. I hope my topics that I blog, you will enjoy and I hope they open your imagination and take you on a interesting journey.

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