The next Gen.

This generation of children are raised in a very different world to what I was raised in, and we are talking only 40 yrs difference. So what has happened in the last 40 to 50 yrs.

Well where do we start

The biggest things that really irritate me is that today so many so called experts reckon they have it all figured out and some how they get these laws passed in parliment but in most cases they have made it a lot worse for the majority.

As I was growing up schools had the cane or the feather duster handle and if you were bad, by the third strike you would have to go to the head masters office for a good whack, very quickly you learnt to behave. At one stage if you smacked your child on the bottom, because they were miss behaving, that would of put the matter to the end very quickly.

In these instances I believe these types of punishment installed some fear into the children, witch led to some control by the authority off the time. Now your children can pretty well have full control of a house hold as soon as they know their rights. I have been in a few house holds where children run a muck and the language that comes from there mouths is enough to make even the hardened criminal look lame, but you know what, you can’t lift a finger, and using any force to put them in their room’s, well what can I say, because some really smart person said lets give 5 yr old’s the right to do as they please..

Now don’t get me wrong there have been many parents that have abused the word, smack, and there is a big difference to a smack on the bottom to a full punch as if you fighting another adult, or even using certain utensils like the good old rolling pin…..

See in today’s society the children see this big difference

what was right then is wrong and what was wrong then is now right 

A good ways to see it before we look at it in my view is this,In todays society suicide rates are through the roof compared to the 70s, especially in the youth, but the thing is you never hear about it on the news or other wise they may need another news service just to cover it daily. Divorce rates are also through the roof compared to the 50s, I don’t believe divorce was nearly existent then. Your freedom of speech is pretty well out the door now days, transgender’s are now just coming out of the wood works, gay marriage is now part of life and as soon as science allows it men will be giving birth……

But once again we need to keep this into context of today’s children and then we wonder why so many are messed up compared to only 50 yrs ago, well just look at the pressures that they need to face, and all I know children are very well influenced very easily, so now you have a 5 yr old that sees 2 women kissing and will think that it is ok and that she now wants to try it, but because she comes from a christian family it is not something that they agree with but because freedom of speech is now out of the window and some one has made the law up to suit probably there own needs, well I can see where this is going.

So today children need to face a lot more challenges, and unfortunately many parents I know are very frustrated, as their hands are tied. So with this I can really keep on going.

Today more than ever the children’s self image and how they perceive them selves as maybe to fat or just to short etc as there are so many magazines and internet photos of what you should look like, even right down to the fashion you need to keep….


Back in the 50s they did not have it all together many people suffered depression and there still was suicides and many men still abused their families.

But you would think in today’s society we would be able to have a little more control in our family environments. But unfortunately it just gets harder as more laws are past that has changed the full dynamics of most families

I still love the way the bible puts it

“men you have control of the house and you make the final decisions as long as they are Godly, but in return you must protect your family with your life, women love and obey your husbands, children love and honour and obey your parents.”

 So here in Australia I hope that we never see the likes of hard times like economic collapses or war as today’s children that mostly stick to circular tv, and stuck in their mobile devices will find it a lot harder to survive in scenarios that they have no clue in, so as parents we will always have a up hill battle, but as parents of these times, we grew up in those times so we will always have a upper hand and hopefully be able to pass some of our skills down to our children, so no matter what witty way you come up with just keep up the great work because one thing society cant take away from you and that’s your experiences…
Have a blessed day…. No matter where you are in the world……

Author: freeformfezz

I'm Vic and i'm from australia, I never enjoyed writing but I have worked out that I have a lot to say. I hope my topics that I blog, you will enjoy and I hope they open your imagination and take you on a interesting journey.

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