Time to prep.

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No matter where you look on the internet or whatever news you read, pictures of doom and gloom are starting to appear everywhere. The preppers blogs are filling up quickly now with it’s now or never, the main stream media are showing us the news off political powers battling it out for peace and resolve. So as I stand to believe as what I have been watching on Australian news is that north Korea are in a position that they are not going to stop testing their nuclear bombs, china are saying they don’t support it but america are saying for now they will not take any military action and the Russians, well i’m pretty confused where they stand.

So there you have it we are 1 missile away from a big problem and if it was not for the failing attempt of one of the koreans nukes the other day we might of seen ourselves in war right now.

So where to from here? There is a very good chance that north Korea is not going to stop testing nukes, as I said we are one nuke test from big problems, and I believe most of the military from all teams believe there is a big chance of war so that is why we are seeing the positioning off all the battle ships in strategic positions, and that’s what we see as there will be many more ships under the sea awaiting there orders also.

Here in Australia we have a  US base and it’s a big one and it’s the north west cape and is only 6kms north of a WA township of Exmouth.


So is having a military base a good idea as will it be a target, dropping 1 nuke there will definitely have a very bad impact for Australia. So even though most Australians don’t even have a clue really whats happening we need to be also preparing for the worst.

The big problems that lays ahead in a war scenario and what turns it into a world war is that all the smaller countries and lot less military might countries will get involved. North Korea as you can see all live and nearly revolve their whole life’s around war not only that but the last couple off leaders are not perceived as leader but more like a God so I believe if any thing happened to their so called god they will only have revenge in their minds. Now the military might of Russia is nothing short of impressive and most of their might is hidden, not only that but the people in Russia are well rehearsed and well equipped for war as from very young the children are taught a very different regime to Australian children. So in countries like china, and Russia and north Korea they have a very disciplined army that only have 1 thing in their head when war breaks out, and these are 3 countries that may be allies in a all out war. Now we are not including most of Europe in this and not even England or Australia as I don’t see these countries carrying nukes. But now if you add in middle east Irac, Iran, Syria and this will definetly all be a few maybe nuclear missiles being dropped around there. hmmmmmm

The problem with the word “nuclear missiles” is that it is these words that are meant to install fear upon the enemy and by the looks no one is really backing down. No matter weather 1 missile is fired or 10 missiles are fired the out come will not be good.

So here we are, what can we do? first is pray that no ones pride gets into the way and peace talks are the solution, this would be the outcome we need, as we know if peace talks fail then we may see some very unstable time’s for a while as we might not see war for a while, but one things for sure it  makes me sick just to think we have a country that is willing to use nuclear missiles.

But as i’m writing this I just heard on the news China is sticking with America to stop the nuclear threat. That is a little bit of good news.

But we are still living in very bad times, preparation should be high up on your list even if it’s having enough water and food for 3 to 6 months you are already way ahead than most people so keeping vigilant and don’t leave things for the last minute as if poop does hit the fan it wont take long for the shops to be out of supplies and I bet there wont be many truck on the road replenishing as most people will be home protecting their own.

Just remember well prepared preppers have spent years in prepparing for most scenarios and more than likely these are not the people you will see in the streets when things turn bad, it will most likely be the unprepared that will be running around trying to find that last bottle of water or bag of rice.

So who do you want to be when things turn bad? I know where I stand and I know many other Aussies that stand with me, but I also know there is still many that need to get their heads out of the dirt and start paying attention, and now is that time…..

Thanks for reading.

and God bless…..



Author: freeformfezz

I'm Vic and i'm from australia, I never enjoyed writing but I have worked out that I have a lot to say. I hope my topics that I blog, you will enjoy and I hope they open your imagination and take you on a interesting journey.

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