Tzatziki dip. My journey

Well being Easter and all, and apart from all the chocolate eggs, normally all the great food follows. This brings me back, way back when I use to go to some really nice greek take outs and their tzatziki, wow became one of my favourite dips off all time including egg plant dip.

So I started a journey that took me around a year to accomplish, and that was how to make the perfect tzatziki dip. It all started with asking a few people from the greek community about how they go about it, but all the receipies had slight differences and wern’t like the dip I was eating at my favourite take out.. so after a couple of months I thought I would return to the take out and just ask them. As i aproached the shop I realised now it was a chinese take away aaaaaahhhhh the secret receipie was gone for ever. So it was back to more experimenting and finally many easters ago I mastered the taste, the simlicity of it was brilliant, the consistency, perfect. But to accommodate this perfect dip was the dipping pita bread… so now I will share with you 1 year off research in just a five minute read.

Ingredients ; 500mls European yoghurt, 1 large continental cucumber, 4 cloves of garlic, 3 tablespoons of olive oil, 1 teaspoon of salt, 2 tablespoons of white vinegar.

Now the parts that are important are you need to get the yogurt into a tea towel and put it in a siff and over a bowl over night as this will drain all the juice.(there is no short cut here). Also you need to grate the cucumber finely with the skin on and also grate the garlic place these together and let the cucumber drain for an hour or so, once all is drained combine all the ingrediance together, once again mix well and put back into the fridge till next day, this will let the flavour of the garlic to infuse into the yogurt etc.

Before serving grab some parsley paste, oregano paste, a pinch of pepper and a pinch of salt, 3 gloves garlic,crushed, a good splash of olive oil, mix then spread over your pita bread then layer it all up and place in a high oven for 10 – 15  minutes depending how crunchy you like it, take it out cut it up and serve.

Now let your guests tell you the results.

Hope you enjoy what took me a very long time to get right, but has also given me great pleasure to prepare for family and friends.

thanks for reading

God Bless.

Author: freeformfezz

I'm Vic and i'm from australia, I never enjoyed writing but I have worked out that I have a lot to say. I hope my topics that I blog, you will enjoy and I hope they open your imagination and take you on a interesting journey.

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