Bug out bag (BOB)

The bug out bag, a bag with so many uses if packed correctly. So many discussions about it and there are so many opinions on what is the right bag. So I’m going to try to explain the way I see it. I believe a bug out bag is not for everyone as every circumstance is very different. So depending where you live in the world, how far you work from home or even if you did have a disaster, where are you bugging in, as then your resources would be different. For me living in Australia the lickliness of a’n all out dissaster happening without any kind of warning would be very slim, But I do travel to work for an hr, so my bug out bag looks a little different to someone that was prepared to live for 3 days or 72 hours out of it. So when I look at my bag I know at worst case scenario of a massive earthquake and or a solar flare that has turned every electronic device useless including cars, then I know I have a 24 hr walk home, also knowing for where I live most people are still gonna be in shock or really don’t understand what has happened so any violence or violent behaviour wont be something to worry about for a little while. Once again I believe I’m looking at a sort of worse case scenario.

So now I’ve grabbed my bag, so whats in my bag, water the heaviest of all coming in at 4 litres as I believe without this your in trouble after 3 to 4 hours of walking and as the time goes by you will need more and especially if the sun is shinning. Food, for me that’s 4 chocolate bars and a couple of nutty bars, 3 tins of tuna and a packet of biscuits and a couple of bags of dried fruit. That should keep my energy up for a 24hr walk. The other things i carry in the bag are a torch that has a solar side, a box of water proof matches, a lighter,a small 1st aid kit with panadole and with aeroguard, toilet paper tissues a multi tool including a heavy duty knife, a fork and a spair pair of socks and a small sleeping bag. So there is my basic set up of my BOB. This always changes between summer and winter as as you always need a little more water in summer and or a little more food during winter. Another important thing is I always carry a couple extra spares in the car like a jacket a cushion fire starters axtra food and water even a pair of gloves with another small bag if I need to really go that extra distance, as I am never to far from my car. But even what surprises me is when someone even break down on the side of the road and I pull over to see if they are ok, the 1st thing they say is do I have some spare water and this is the most under estimated thing we need, people just jump in a car and even though it’s only a 20 minute high speed drive to the next town, if you break down this may turn into a 4 to 5 hr trip, and not a drop of water in a 35 degree day aaaahhhhhh.

But keeping in mind the list of what you keep in your BOBs can goes on forever including water purifying tablets to guns to tents to small cookers and ropes to duct tape and the list goes on and on and on.

So all in all no matter your situation some form of a BOB I strongly recommend, once again this comes to every individual who has a different need for every situation. The thing a BOB is designed for is to ensure you get to your destination as comfortable as possible, I have watched many TV shows that say their should be a BOB even next to your bed and in certain countries where the threats could be a lot more serious I would recommend every one in the house should have their own BOBs, every time you go on long trips everyone should have their BOBs. etc etc.

So there you have it a very simple write up on BOBs, there not the most important part of long term prepping, but they are there to get you past the next 72 hrs or so. There not to be over complicated or made to be a hindrance, they should be fun to pack to ensure they are maintained especially  if you are going to start to have food that eventually goes off and or batteries that need replacing or keeping you butane cooker in tip top shape. So I know my Aussie BOB will look very different to a BOB from america or in India, or in china, but one thing is for sure now with certain countries in the world throwing bombs that are “mother of all bombs” we need to keep extra vigilant and pack our BOBs accordingly.

So thanks for reading my take on a bug out bags and  if you have any questions don’t be scared to leave a comment’s weather good or bad…..


Author: freeformfezz

I'm Vic and i'm from australia, I never enjoyed writing but I have worked out that I have a lot to say. I hope my topics that I blog, you will enjoy and I hope they open your imagination and take you on a interesting journey.

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