Minecraft, will we survive?

In today’s world we have another world being built or is that another million worlds all being built by all ages from 3 to 99 yrs of age. Welcome to the world of minecraft. I have been trapped in this world building game for a couple of years now with my son who is now at the ripe age of 8, we have upgraded consoles and left massive worlds we spent many hrs building behind, just to go to a more powerfull system just so we can build another world or 2 or 10 even bigger than the last ones we built. Our sky scrappers are reaching the clouds and beyond, we are placing houses in places most people would fear to live in, our city plazas are nothing short of amazing with vibrant colours everywhere the eyes can see. We have build some of the best roller coaster that would rip your arms off and we have built some of the most beautiful parks that any man or woman or even child has ever seen and the only problem we have is our imaginations are limiting us, but everyday we stretch the boundaries off what we can build.

WOW and here is my 8 year old son not only playing and building with me but he also watches countless utube videos just so he can get even more ideas and incorporate them into our own worlds. The discussions that he has with his school friends as they are also building great worlds of their own so now it’s not just a case of playing but they build worlds in their heads by day as they share ideas over lunch. So now they have filled their heads with all these ideas, so when they come home and after they have their after school snacks their minds are ready to be unleashed and are set to start building their next chapter of their world so now it’s time to unleash all these creative ideas, Wow again as I sit there with my son and watch him explain to me that all his friends were gonna build a under ground house so he wanted to build one also, so who am I to complain and our building starts as we discuss how we are gonna take on this momentous task, hrs later we are complete with some great team work, then it’s time for us to enjoy our new estate by discussing what it would be good for. Once we are complete we start to mine again building up our resources from gold to iron ore so that we can mix elements to make even more things from weapons to our mining equipment to our armour so we can protect our builds from all the elements the games throw at us.

But now I am the stage where my 4 yr old girl now also likes the world of minecraft and as she picks up my controller and I watch how her bigger brother teaches her all he knows, so now they are set they are off on their new adventures and their own building’s and that gives me great joy watching how they will build things, even though his sister does not have the finesse of her brother, but I, for sure I can see them going on to build some of the best worlds you could ever imagine..

So what has this all to do with real life prepping, probably nothing.. But one thing is for sure with all these millions of children playing the biggest building game of all time and if we do ever hit a crises were the world as we know it is destroyed I just could not imagine the great cities these now not so young children will rebuild, not only that, they will know what resources they need to rebuild everything from beds to food.

So there you have it will minecraft survive the test of time? Is it ripping families apart or bringing you together? Is it opening your mind up to a whole new dimension? hmmmmm

No matter what I love watching my children playing and creating together.

Thanks for reading

And GOD bless……..

Author: freeformfezz

I'm Vic and i'm from australia, I never enjoyed writing but I have worked out that I have a lot to say. I hope my topics that I blog, you will enjoy and I hope they open your imagination and take you on a interesting journey.

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