War. u asked me.

I love work, well actually I don’t like work at all but I love what sometimes we get to discuss and work gives you plenty of time to discuss topics off all sorts, but today was a awesome opportunity to share my thoughts of War and what would it look like today.

In the last couple of generation we have seen some of the ugliest wars ever, we have had a opportunity to see a’n atomic bomb we have seen scud missiles, chemical bombs and I believe everyone’s favourite the nuclear bomb, WW1, WW2 , vietnam, gallipoli and boy I have sat down with my grandparents and have listened to many stories of uncertainty, starvation, fear, and loosing many loved ones in the process. I beleive as we distance ourselves from these times and as the next generation settles into life there will be no more live story tellers, so war will be a thing of the past for many.

Sometimes I wonder if I am the only one that reads alternative news around the circle of people I know, witch can be frustrating at the best off times so  I just wonder If I’m doing the reading they do the listening. So then here it goes ,,,,,,,

So the point is I wonder If America wants war and I wonder if Russia, Syria, North Korea are just urking on America while all the other countries are sitting on the side lines and will just join the strongest forces. So for the majority of us we live in countries where war is not even mentioned very much at all, but the reality is, if ww3 does happen, ARE YOU READY?

For starters I believe  war could go cyber, could you imagine no internet or even better no mobile phones aaahhhhhh. This would be more of finish the people off first, but if that wasn’t enough maybe go for the electricity grid, wow no electricity, I wonder how long your mobile phone will last till you need to charge it, the horror. Or maybe a EMP attack that one you definitely would not see coming and may be days before you realise even what happened. See the morals here are pretty simple and you don’t need much to stay ahead of the pack. So how do you stay ahead of the pack? Well with a good supply of back up foods, a couple off grid solar panels with a few hundred amp hr batteries, a small generator and all in a metal shed that is well earthed so it can act as a faraday cage. (why have a small one when you can have a whole metal shed) A couple of uhf radios for communication and don’t forget toilet paper etc and a spare source of water. As you know this will keep you ahead of the hordes off people that would not last a few days, after that if you are a well prepared prepper you would of left by now or buckled down ready for whatever may happen.

So war could well start at home just by turning the people against each other, how easy would it be for a invasion after that. So unfortunately I believe it will be your neighbours that could become your worst enemies. Just think you have no food, no water and you chose not to prepare, the governments are to busy scratching there own backs to really worry about you, but you remember one of your friends saying how they had a few emergency supplies for their family, I just wonder who’s door they will be knocking down.

But one thing is for sure there are a few missile being shot around the world right now, and that can never be a good thing, and really I don’t even think any country wants to go to war except maybe north Korea because everyone knows there will be no good out come from this one this time. So picking sides would be useless and the destruction would be so great that every one would be looking after them selves, there could even be bigger questions like maybe who really is pulling the strings of the world, there is a good chance we will never know but there are many conspiracy theories out there that it could turn anyone in there graves.

But once again there is hope and that is the power of prayer, if you are a Christian with Christian beliefs then you would probably know we will hit some pretty hard times as we approach end times.

So Yes it was a interesting day today talking about war and it definitely made the day go a lot faster and i’m sure I will have a lot more to say about it as time goes by.

so till next time God Bless.


Author: freeformfezz

I'm Vic and i'm from australia, I never enjoyed writing but I have worked out that I have a lot to say. I hope my topics that I blog, you will enjoy and I hope they open your imagination and take you on a interesting journey.

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